Facials in Alpena, MI

A facial is one of the best ways to pamper yourself, and treat your skin to the rejuvenating effects of deep hydration. At Better Living Massage Center, we go the extra mile to provide our clients with organic facials that are designed to nurture their skin, healing and restoring complexion, suppleness and softness to your face. All facials are performed by Cindy Werth O’Connor, a licensed Esthetician.

We’re proud to be the Alpine area’s Farmhouse Fresh dealer, and we use these products during our facials. You can also purchase Farmhouse Fresh products for at-home care—just ask about which ones might be best for your skin and the results you’re looking for.  

Facial Varieties

Our organic facials are available in a variety of styles, designed specifically to address your needs. All facials (except for the rejuvenation facial) include a Made Fresh Daily Mask. This mask is made with fresh, organic, locally sourced produce (when possible). It’s prepared fresh for each facial. 

Rejuvenating Facial | 15 minutes | $30

This facial is perfect for women on-the-go, as a pick-me-up that’ll leave you feeling pampered. The facial includes cleansing, toner, serum, moisturizer and steamed towels.

Refreshing Facial | 30 minutes | $45

Wake up tired skin with a Refreshing Facial! This 30-minute facial includes a deep cleansing, toner, serum, moisturizer and facial massage, complete with warm towels.

Renewing Facial | 45 minutes | $60

This facial will leave your skin looking and feeling younger. It includes cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, warm towels and massage of the face, head neck and shoulders. 

Better Living Signature Facial | 1 hour | $80

Our signature facial is sure to be both relaxing and therapeutic. It includes cleansing, toner, mask, massage of the face, head, neck, shoulders and decolletage, serum, moisturizer and steamed towels. To make this service extra special, we also include a hydrating paraffin hand treatment.

Don’t forget to ask about our monthly special facial! Better Living Through Massage Center features a unique recipe every month, to treat our frequent customers to something exciting and therapeutic each month.  

Treat Yourself and Your Skin

Better Living Massage Center offers complete organic facials to Alpena, MI clients—whether you’re rejuvenating your skin or treating yourself to a little restorative rest and relaxation. Contact us today at 989-356-2221 for more information about any of our facial treatments.