Better Living @ Work is a corporate/on-site massage service designed to provide professional massage therapy to your employees. Massage has been proven to reduce tension and stress while addressing a variety of work and non-work related conditions.

The purpose of our corporate massage program is to improve the health and well-being of your employees. Workplace health and wellness programs can significantly improve the healthy of employees. Research on the relationships between health and productivity reveals healthy workers are more productive. Why? Because when employees feel better they work better. This adds to your bottom line by increasing employee morale and productivity and decreasing absenteeism. Best of all it’s easy. We come to you with all the equipment.

Chair Massage
Studies show that office workers who are massaged regularly are more alert, perform better, and are less stressed than those who are not massaged. This service typically run 10-20 minutes.


Employee Benefits:

-Boost Immune Function

-Headache relief

-Lower blood pressure

-Increased energy

-Improved mood

-Improved mental clarity

-Enhanced flexibility


Employer Benefits:

-Improves retention rate

-Decreases absenteeism

-Reduces ergonomic related sustained stress

-Effectively reduces aches, pains and stress levels

-Increases productivity


” A 2 year survivor of breast cancer- it has been a lifesaver to experience the light touch massage to help aide with the many days I suffer from lymphedema. Highly recommend Better Living Massage Center & Spa” Dana

” Amanda is awesome! Helps work out knots and such from sitting at a desk for hours. Recommend her highly!” Rhonda

” Better Living Massage and Amanda are amazing! I look forward so much to both chair massages and full body massage. Both helping me feel better in so many ways. I highly recommend Amanda since she seems to know just what your body needs!” Lynn