Good Reasons to Consider Getting a Facial

When you want to look and feel great, skincare is crucial. You might have a few bottles of various miracle potions at home and follow a routine—but there’s nothing quite like getting a professional facial. If you’ve never gotten one before, you might be wondering what the point is. What are the true effects of a facial on your skin? And can they really deliver better results than your latest Sephora haul?

The answer is yes. Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid acne, inflammation, hyperpigmentation and other common skin concerns, nothing compares to letting a trained professional take a look at your skin. They’ll be able to spot any issues, treat them and recommend a personalized solution. By the end of the appointment, you’ll walk out looking and feeling better than ever.

Here’s why you should book a facial appointment today:

  • Look younger: Everyone ages—that’s natural. However, there’s a big difference between the effects of time and the effects of neglect. Even basic skincare will make a significant impact on the way your skin looks and feels. Getting a facial can help you slow the aging process, making you look younger and feel great.
  • Relieve stress: Like a good massage, a facial can help relieve the effects of stress and anxiety. Chronic stress can make us look and feel a lot older. When you book a facial, not only will you get an hour away from the demands of everyday life, but you’ll see a visible difference after the appointment.
  • Rejuvenate and detoxify: Pollution, stress, aging, lifestyles and dead skin cells conspire to make our skin look dull and lifeless. A good facial helps get rid of any buildup on your skin, improves the texture and prevents breakouts and clogged pores.
  • Better exfoliation: Speaking of breakouts and clogged pores, you need to exfoliate. Before you grab that St. Ives apricot scrub, though (don’t do it!), book a professional facial appointment. Your esthetician will use gentler products that won’t harm your skin.
  • Get rid of eye bags and dark circles: Are you getting enough sleep? Most people don’t get enough shut-eye, which can result in eye bags and dark undereye circles. Allergies and chronic illness can have similar effects. A facial will use specialized products and techniques to leave you looking well rested—even if your kids kept you up all night.
  • Improve absorption: All the products in the world won’t make a difference if your skin can’t absorb them. A professional facial will ensure your pores are fully opened and your skin is ready to absorb the products used.
  • Even your skin tone: If you deal with hyperpigmentation and other skin tone concerns, a facial can help even out your tone and texture. Get model-like skin, without Photoshop or airbrushing.
  • Get rid of acne: Just about everyone suffers from acne at some point. A facial will help treat and clear up breakouts, leaving your skin clear and clean.

Ready to discover the effects of a facial for yourself? Call Better Living Massage Center today to schedule an appointment.