Feeling better is what Better Living Massage Center & Spa is all about and it goes so much further than the walls of our spa. The well being of the people of our community is important to us and we have so much fun giving back.

2019 Relax-in Alpena Event!


Our Relax-in Alpena event held at Besser Museum! A day filled relaxing massages, yoga and games!  

Feel Better Live Better Award


Our Feel Better Live Better award is given annually to a member of our community who goes beyond the call of every day life. They go the extra mile by contributing to the well being of those around them.

2015 Recipient: Desiree Nowaczyk

2016 Recipient: Judy Burns

Man-Up for Man-Cures Benefit


Our Man Up for Man-Cures benefit supports local men’s health programs through Alpena Regional Medical Center.

Alpena Day of Relaxation


A day just for you to relax! We get caught up in our day to day busy lives and forget sometimes how important it is to relax. On this one day in Alpena we take time to enjoy our day and relax. For some it means a massage, for others reading a books, and for others just sitting and watching the beautiful waves of Lake Huron. Whatever it is for you on this day relax and enjoy.

Better Me: A game of Growth and Relationships

     Better Me™ is totally new approach to relationships and personal development.  It challenges people to take action to improve themselves and their life, and strengthens relationships by helping people understand each other in a deeper and more meaningful way.  
     The game brings up interesting topics that don’t normally come up in daily conversation, allowing players to quickly learn about themselves and their fellow players.  And all in an encouraging and fun atmosphere, with no pressure or judgment permitted.  When was the last time you told a group of people about a past accomplishment that you’re proud of, or had a game challenge you to write a thank you letter to a loved one?  
     Better Me™ also harnesses the power of accountability.  Any player committing to an action must find an accountability partner to help make sure they follow they follow through on their commitment.  Both players write down the action to be taken, and the target completion date on their game sheet.  This accountability strategy is key to insuring that players take action and grow.   
     Players move around the game board and draw cards which prompt all sorts of positive action and discussion.  Players race to fulfill each of their five life areas, heart, mind, body, people and tangibles.  
     It’s the new and engaging way to improve yourself and your relationships with friends, family, and coworkers, all while having fun!

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