Massage Center in Alpena, MI

Better Living Massage Center is the trusted name for massage in Alpena, MI. Our staff of licensed, trained massage therapists offer a wide variety of services that not only relieve stress and muscle tension, they also improve a whole host of health concerns including inflammation, circulation, postural alignment and more. As a premier massage center, it’s our mission to help you live a more relaxing, healthy lifestyle.

Explore Rejuvenating Massage Services in Alpena, MI

Better Living Massage Center is much more than a typical massage Center in Alpena, MI—we’re a wellness center and spa providing services that improve your mental and physical well-being. Relaxation starts as soon as you walk through our doors, and we offer a unique and pleasant environment, setting the stage for a soothing experience. Our caring, professional staff is dedicated to the needs of each and every client, offering a variety of solutions to help you feel better and live better.

We offer a full range of massage services, using a variety of tried-and-true techniques and tools to address pressure, tension and pain points throughout the body. From hot stone massage to aromatherapy and deep tissue massage, we tailor our services to your comfort, always ensuring a soothing experience. For couples, we offer couples massage therapy including hot stone massage—it’s a special experience and one of our most popular treatments. We have a Loyalty Rewards Program that’s easy and hassle-free, providing you with generous discount on repeat services. It’s the best way to bring a sense of calm and peace to your everyday life!

We also offer a Better Living @ Work program geared toward our corporate clients. This on-site massage service provides professional massage therapy to hardworking employees. We travel to you for ultimate ease and convenience, conveniently providing your entire workforce with this relaxing and valuable incentive.

  • Our staff includes Certified Estheticians, to provide you with a pampering experience.
  • Every member of our staff is a Certified Licensed Massage Therapist.
  • We’re a local retailer of soothing Farmhouse Fresh and Leef CBD products.
  • We’re a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).
  • We’re recognized by the Local Chamber of Commerce.

Helping You Feel Better & Live Better

Better Living Massage Center improves the lives of members of our community with a pleasing, healthy way to relax and unwind. Our massage services relax the body, quiet the mind and awaken the spirit. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a service for you or someone special.